‘Murali Sir’ and ‘Srini Sir’

(Coach Team India – Dronacharya awardee)

Coaches, teachers, mentors, guides, and well wishers, all rolled into one…or rather two! Coaches Achanta Srinivasa Rao (NIS), and Achanta Muralidhara Rao have indeed changed hundreds of lives. Over a career span of more than 35 years, ‘Srini Sir’ and ‘Murali Sir’, as they are fondly known, have together moulded and shaped table tennis players across India. Many of India’s leading table tennis players today, have blossomed under their care and instruction, to become successful and internationally renowned. Be they fifty years old or five, their trainees are proud and blessed to be under their guidance.

Hailing from Rajamundry, Andhra Pradesh, Rao Brothers were ranked players in the state of A.P. before their jobs beckoned them to Chennai. The eldest of the two, A Srinivasa Rao a NIS, Patiala is the first NIS coach from TamilNadu whose vast extraordinary experience ,hard work , professional understanding of the game has been a major asset for Indian Table Tennis He had been AP state Sub-junior champion in singles and doubles(along with his brother) .The younger and vivacious A Muralidhara Rao an AP university champion for 3 consecutive years between 1972 and 75 is known as TABLE TURNER in crucial games due to his  extramural perception, critical understanding  and ultimate passion for the game of table tenis

Srinivasa Rao and A Muralidhara Rao have represented Tamil Nadu at the National Level and India at the International Level in Table Tennis as Coach from 1983 till date and from , and has been among the national  and international panel  of coaches since 1995 to name a few

  • Asia Cup of China
  • Pre-Olympics at China, Japan
  • Asia Championship at Osaka, Japan
  • Jr. Asian Championship at Chennai
  • World Championship at Netherland
  • Asia Cup at Iran
  • Pre-Olympics at Beijing, China
  • Asia Cup at Vietnam
  • Pro-tour, Chile

Recently both in 2017 in Srilanka  and 2018 , A Muralidhara Rao had been the chief coach for the Indian Sub-junior Team at the Jordan junior and Cadet open – ITTF junior circuit who had won several  Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals at the tournament.


It is a proud moment for the academy when the coaches A Muralidhara Rao who has been the Indian Coach for the Challengers in both the Inaugural year 2017 and 2018 UTT premier league which has taken the game to all parts of India.

A Srinivasa Rao had been the chief coach for MOBI challengers team who had come as runner up in the inaugural Tamilnadu Table Tennis Super League. This league showcased the strength of the Tamilnadu players while giving the unique experience of a league

Their Success Stories:

Till date the academy has produced 3 Olympians, 3 Arjuna Awardees, 6 National Champions and many Internationally acclaimed players, including players winning medals in the Commonwealth Games, Commonwealth Championships, and Asian Games.  The academy can proudly boast of the first Indian to win The Common Wealth Games, gold medal in table tennis and the first Indian to win the Asian Games bronze medal (An arena which features seven of the world’s top ten table tennis nations)

S No. Player Duration
1. Achanta Sharath Kamal 1988 to Till date
2. Kumaresan Shamini 1999 to till date
3. Chetan .P. Baboor 1984 to 1991
4. S. Raman 1984 to 1989
5. Neha Agarwal 2011 to 2013
6. M.S. Mythili 1984 to 2011
7. N.R. Indu 1986 to 2005
8. Rajath Kamal 1989 to 2008
9. T. Pradeepa 1989 to 2005

(They have been) My coaches, mentors, father and uncle and many other roles which both of them have played which has shaped my career over the last 30 years. Really grateful to them for what I am today. Srinivasa Rao and Muralidhara Rao.” – Achantha Sharath Kamal

The Hon. coaches besides coaching have been serving in TNTTA, Tamilnadu players welfare association, Madras District association in various capacities for past 30 years and have v produced hundreds of District, University, State, National and of course International players.

Several players to name a few, UV Agni, Reeth Rishya Amrutha Pushpak, E.Prabhakar, Ntin Thiruvengadam have had their strong foundation under the watchful eyes of Rao Brothers.

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