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Responsibilities of AKG TTDC include – “Consultants”, “Coaching / Training” on “ongoing basis” and “Administration” of the SDAT – AKG – National Table Tennis Academy.

Our Services as Consultants and On-going responsibility includes

  • Technical consulting
  • Facilitating in setting up a State-of-the-Art infrastructure
  • Administrative and Technical Support for conducting and promoting the venue / facility for various ranking tournaments at State / National / International levels
  • Intensive coaching and developing young players
  • Providing Exposure for young talents to play with top class champions
  • Giving a multi-faceted exposure of the game with using “Robot” Technology
  • Planning the coaching Program / Schedules
  • Bringing in the required number of associate coaches
  • Spotting budding talents and nurturing them to higher levels
  • Identifying the deserving players for Scholarship / Sponsorship to achieve excellence in the game
  • Guest lectures by renowned coaches, umpires and players of national / international repute
  • Conducting Special Training Clinics periodically during vacations
  • Conducting Annual Summer Coaching for Students from various schools involving international reputed coaches/players
  • Bringing the game of table tennis to the reach of common man

In addition to the services mentioned above, AKG’s expertise also revolves around the all-rounded development of the players.

Sports is not just pure physical strength but a combo of a physical fitness, mental maturity, self-introspection, self-motivation, not to mention interpersonal relationship and teamwork.

This all-rounded development of the players is to help them strive, to attain a harmony of a multifaced personality.

The coaching activities of AKG pivots around the following:

  • Physical fitness sessions
  • Table practice sessions
  • Nurturing mental and all-round development through team games and management
  • Match/Tournament temperament sessions by experts
  • Motivation and body language sessions by HR experts
  • Providing opportunities for young players to achieve their personal best at International Level.
  • Team activities which involves team spirit like conducting team games, quiz programs, dumb charades etc. These activities hone the creativity and lateral thinking of the budding talents, sharpening their mental agility.

Need & Objective

The Table Tennis Academy is being proposed with an objective to set up a State-of-the-Art Table Tennis Academy of National repute, to coach and produce players of International standards and set a benchmark for Table Tennis coaching in the country. We aim to do this by:

  1. Providing opportunities for talent identification
  2. Develop identified talent to excellence at State, National and International levels.
  3. Bringing in a competition culture throughout the State in order to promote physical fitness, Talent identification, Competitiveness and brotherhood.
  4. Establishing sports infrastructure and encouraging the same in the private arena to suit a wide range of requirements – from community level sports meets to that of international competitions.
  5. To develop appropriate coaching methods through coaching clinics, workshops, courses in India and abroad so as to ensure that correct techniques are taught at the learning stage and appropriate techniques towards international performances are in line with research-based advancements abroad


The Table Tennis academy will benefit

  1. The players from Tamil Nadu and other states,
  2. With sports providing all around development of an individual, it will enable the students to focus on their academics
  • Branding SDAT at National and International level through its player’s performances, which is the hall mark of the internationally reputed coaches – Mr .A. Srinavasa Rao (NIS Coach), Dronacharya awardee and Mr. A. Muralidhar Rao , Chief coach, team India, along with a team of Asst. coaches, who have produced many internationals, Arjuna Awardees, Olympians and the first Indian to win the Commonwealth GOLD and Asian games.

Salient Features:

  • Coaching by RAO BROTHERs Assisted by team of Coaches
  • Physical fitness training
  • ROBOT Training Sessions
  • Robots will be extensively used for Advanced Training during Clinics, as and when required
  • Multi Ball Training Sessions
  • Special Theory Sessions on Playing Techniques
  • Special Theory Sessions by Experts on Psychological aspects of the Sports
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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks
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